Gwaltney Construction is a full-service construction company specializing in custom home building and remodeling in and around the Tallahassee, FL area. We are licensed in both Florida and Georgia. Let us help make your dream become a reality!



Do you have ideas, concepts or preliminary drawings or sketches?  An early construction consultation can save you time and money by offering suggestions that may avoid rework later on.


While we do not have an Architect in our office, we can assist you in the design process along with your selected licensed Architect.  The benefit of early Contractor involvement in the design process is to offer construction efficient ideas and details to reduce costs, while maintaining your design objectives.


We believe that most of our Client’s concerns come from either a prior negative experience, or a lack of construction knowledge.  To alleviate that tension and make sure your project is a great experience, Gwaltney Construction wants to work with you as an advisor and professional guide from the start. We will do everything we can to clarify any questions, reduce uncertainty and avoid unwanted “surprises”.


The budgeting process will be completed with your goals in mind.  As the design process progresses, our understanding of your project vision will continue to improve and allow us to help guide your design to meet your budgetary needs.  Gwaltney Construction wants the project to be completed with both quality and care, while meeting your financial objectives.
  • My husband Jeff Chanton and I are so very pleased with the new additions to our Indianhead home executed by Jarrod Gwaltney and his amazing crew. They brought us exquisite craftsmanship, skilled and thorough planning, great communication, superb crew and subcontractors, complete trustworthiness and respect of our home and privacy (even though we were living on the other side of the plastic sheeting from the workmen for weeks!). A smooth, highly professional, totally satisfactory experience and end product. We miss them already!

  • Mad Dog Construction has enjoyed a long relationship with Jarrod Gwaltney and Gwaltney Construction as trusted team members and Jarrod has often been involved in project planning and management. The last three opportunities that Kelly and I have had to engage a builder for our personal projects, we have turned to Jarrod because we know that the attention to our needs and the quality of the work will meet our expectations.

  • We can’t say enough good things about Gwaltney Construction. The quality of workmanship, customer service, and professionalism demonstrated by Jarrod Gwaltney and his team was exceptional. The finished product exceeded our expectations. One of the BEST builders in Tallahassee today. We highly recommend Gwaltney Construction!

  • Jarrod Gwaltney and his crew are highly trained, professional craftsmen, courteous and friendly, and extremely dependable. His subcontractors are chosen for these same traits. Jarrod has the perfect demeanor for this highly stressful job of coordinating construction. He remains calm at all times, never harried, and is totally customer oriented. I could not be more pleased with both the process and the finished product of my beautiful new home!

  • Gwaltney Construction renovated a 35 year old home built by a craftsman. Is was a unique A-frame with a loft, built for one person so it needed updating as well as a significant addition. We chose the perfect company to do our project. They are not just builders, but craftsmen as well. They respected the previous work and built a seamless addition; matching old barn wood beams, finding and finishing wood so you can’t tell a difference between the 40 year old floor and the new one and so much more. Gwaltney Construction exceeded our expectations on many levels. They made improvements to the architectural plans, they problem solved and came up with perfect solutions when a problem arose, they were respectful and kept an immaculate construction site. We recommend them highly!

  • During the course of a massive tree crushing my mother’s home during a hurricane, and yet another tree four months later when all the repairs were done, I could not have gotten through the trauma of these events without Gwaltney Construction. Jarrod Gwaltney was there the morning after the hurricane and again the afternoon after the second tree hit. He was able to connect with all the right people to begin the work on repairing my mother’s home in short order. When he had finished everything after the hurricane, and the second tree hit just ten days before we closed on the sale of the house, he began the process all over again and saw us through another massive repair. When he saw the second event occur, it was if it was his own house as he and his crew had invested so much time and effort into repairing it the first time. He truly cared. One of his better qualities is that he never “left me hanging”. I always knew what the next steps were and he was always willing to listen. Communication is so key in the construction industry and Jarrod Gwaltney gets an A+ in that category. Finally, if the time should come where we need to build another custom house, we will no doubt be calling on Jarrod Gwaltney and his great team. Truly the best!


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